Thank you for taking the time to visit my site!


During my time in the Minor in Writing program at the University of Michigan, I gained the confidence to call myself a writer. 


Creating a strong foundation is the most important step of any project. The tree reminds me of this idea because although you see the entire object, the roots are the largest part. 


I constantly challenge myself to grow by branching out and exploring different topics. However, my exploration would not have been possible without first rooting myself as a writer. 



The "Analytical" tab takes you through my major pieces that focus on academic topics: cross-modal plasticity and aluminum production.


The "Reflective" tab consists of pieces that will give you more insight into why I write and my evolution as a writer. 


The "Creative" tab contains pieces that will give you a small glipse of who I am: what it means to have a real conversation, the importance of special event cards, and a passion for food and photography. 


The "Capstone" tab breaks down my Minor in Writing final project, which analyzes the college hook up culture.